Wind TurbineInspection

We provide services of Wind Turbine Inspection, Blade Inspection, Robotics Inspection, Root Cause Analysis, and Damage Assessment in Karachi, Pakistan, Jordan, UAE, Turkey, Sudan, Italy, Spain, Sri Lanka, and any Wind Farm in the World!

HITS offers impartial and precise data to define their present state, pinpoint technical problems, and record all discoveries and suggestions in an accredited report.

HITS has a qualified and competent GWO (Global Wind Organization) Certified Inspector, having rich work experience in Wind Turbine Inspection as per ASME / BS Standards Guidelines and requirements.

Main Components To be Inspect:

  • Endoscopic inspection on gearboxes, bearings, main shafts and pitch systems
  • Vibration measurement and diagnosis for the drive train and shaft alignment
  • Inspection of blade and/or blade lightning protection system from the ground, uptower or with drones
  • Insulation test on generator
  • Additional reviews, including oil and grease analysis, ultrasounds, penetrating liquids and more

Capability Commitment Caliber and Class!

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Wind Turbine Gearbox Inspection

Wind Turbine Gearbox Inspection, drivetrains endure heavy static and dynamic loads. These loads impact the rotating elements like your gearbox and main bearing. Not only are these parts costly to replace when issues arise, but they are also difficult to inspect.

We utilize advanced video borescopes for our wind turbine gearbox inspections. Our skilled inspectors guarantee top-quality inspection and reporting. Additionally, we compare our findings with results from lubricant analysis and other condition monitoring systems.

Blade Inspection

Drone inspections are the preferred solution for Wind Turbine Blade Inspection. Drones are not only safer and more cost-effective but also more efficient. Wind Turbine Drone Inspection can identify and map blade damages with significantly less downtime compared to traditional methods.

Our top-notch blade inspection services are accessible in Pakistan, Jordan, UAE, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Italy, Spain, and any Wind Farm in the world. We promptly cater to your requirements and arrange inspections based on factors like weather forecasts and maintenance downtime.

In case weather conditions prevent us, rescheduling for another day is easily manageable.

Wind Turbine Robotics Inspection

HITS offers a comprehensive wind turbine inspection campaign. The smart bundle includes detailed external visual, internal inspection, and regular check-up data. Ensure the protection of your turbine blades from lightning damage by checking your LPS system and cleaning clogged drainage holes.

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