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Wind Turbine Gearbox Inspection

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High-End Video Boroscopes

Wind Turbine Gearbox Inspection

Wind Turbine Gearbox Inspection, drivetrains are subjected to intense static and dynamic loads.

These loads take their toll on the rotating elements such as your gearbox and main bearing.

Not only are these components some of the highest-cost components to replace when something goes wrong but they are also challenging to inspect.

We employ high-end video borescopes to perform our wind turbine gearbox inspections.

Our experienced inspectors ensures the best quality inspection and reporting.

We also reference our observations against any findings from lubricant analysis and other condition monitoring systems.

Why Drivetrain Borescoping?

  • Reduce production downtime by avoiding unexpected failures
  • Identify gear or bearing damages and schedule proactive repairs
  • Minimize the risk of catastrophic failures and resulting secondary damages
  • Monitor the condition of your gearbox components

Detailed Examination of Rotating Elements

As part of our inspection, we examine the gearbox seals for leaks and degradation along with inspection of the associated gear oil pumping, cooling and filtration systems.

Wind Turbine Gearbox Inspection – Others Services

Gearbox inspection is an essential part of things like end-of-warranty assessments and ongoing periodic condition assessments. We understand that multiple monitoring systems working in parallel are key defensive strategies against the failure of main components.

That is why we also offer our customers vibration monitoring services and machine lubricant sampling & examination.

We are happy to discuss your specific inspection requirements, you can contact us here.

Wind Turbine Gearbox Inspection – Deliverables

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive and easy-to-read deliverables.

We can supply our reports in multiple formats and file types. You tell us what you need and we can deliver it.

Our high-resolution imagery coupled with clear defect highlighting means you can verify what we saw with confidence.