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Welding Inspection

Essentially, welding inspection demonstrates minimum acceptable levels of a welded product according to particular criteria and acceptance standards.

Welding Inspectors examine the connections, and bonds between metals.

Our staff at Hasan Inspection & Testing Service can inspect your welds to ensure their quality.

We will make sure that the appropriate standards are being met by using applicable examination techniques.

We believe that all welds should be inspected. A welds surface that appears well, is usually a good indication of the quality.

In saying this, surface appearance alone does not guarantee the internal quality.

This is where Hasan Inspection & Testing Service can help, we will examine the surface and subsurface of the weld and check its compliance with the standards.

The most common methods we use to inspect welds are Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Visual Inspection, Liquid / Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Ultrasonic, and Radiographic (X-ray).

Welding Inspection Types:

Most weld inspection techniques can be divided into two categories, non-destructive weld inspection and destructive weld inspection.

Difference Between Inspection and Testing

Visual Inspection is done to find out welding defects, irregularities, cracks, or other surface defects that can be visual by the naked eye.

Destructive Testing is done, to find out welding strength and quality by performing destructive tests.