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Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection is a technique for detecting defects using the naked eye to ensure equipment is working properly or that manufactured products are being made to specification.

This can include VT done in person or remotely using digital images and the evolution of visual testing.

Visual Testing relies upon the detection of surface imperfections using the eye.

Normally applied without the use of any additional equipment, VT can be improved by using aids such as a magnifying glass to improve its effectiveness and scope.

HITS provides the following services with this technique:

  • Coating Inspection
  • Welding Inspection
  • Surface Integrity

Examples of Visual Inspection

  • Inspectors check corrosion on wind turbines using Visual Testing.
  • The medical industry uses Visual Testing to ensure their machinery churns products with desired specifications.
    For example, medical professionals use visual testing to ensure pacemakers and stents are defect-free.

Visual Testing Process

  • In its simplest form, Visual Testing is the process of examining a component or piece of equipment using one’s naked eye to look for flaws.
  • Optical aids such as illuminators, mirrors, borescopes, etc. can be used to enhance one’s capability of visually inspecting equipment.