Pallet Racks Inspection

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Warehouse Racks Inspection

Regular Racks Inspections are not only a sound business practice but also a legal requirement.

Compliance and Racks Inspection

All companies must legally ensure their employees work in a safe environment with safe equipment. The legislation and guidelines covering this are:

  • The Workplace, Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations
  • Maintenance of workplace, and equipment, devices, and systems
  • Health and Safety at Work
  • The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
  • The HSE Warehouse and storage safety guide

Traffic Light System

The report you will receive uses the traffic light system:

Green: Items with minimal damage that are safe to use.
Amber: Items with damage that need repairs but do not require immediate off-loading.
Red: Items with significant damage that need to be offloaded promptly and kept away from use.

We conduct Annual and Quarterly Racks Inspection.

Annual Rack Inspection Service

  • Comprehensive professional inspection
  • Certified and experienced inspectors
  • No interruption to operations
  • Independent expert to assess equipment
  • Reminder of when next inspection is due
  • Support between visits
  • Load signs for each rack stating its maximum capacity

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