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Water Fire Extinguisher


Water Type Fire Extinguishers are characterized by their high performance for Class ‘A’ Fires, simple method of operation and Ideal for tackling freely burning materials such as Wood, Paper, Textiles, This Fire Extinguisher is not suitable for Classes ’13’, ‘C’ `E’ or ‘F’ where flammable and combustible liquids, electrical equipment, Cooking oil and fats are involved. Choice of capacity 6 & 9 liters.



Water Fire Extinguisher

Product Description:

Capacity 6L 9L
Out-dia.(mm) 160 185
Cylinder Length(mm) 450 520
Full Weight (kg) 0.5 12
Temperature Range 0 60°C 0 60°C
Working Pressure(bar) 12 12
Testing Pressure (bar) 27 27
Discharge Time(s) 20 28
Coated Container Inner Coated



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