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Hand Operated Siren


Hand Operated Siren is not electrically powered warning device to provide effective sound signal warning to fit virtually any signaling application and alert need, Powered by rotation the handle, this model has a plate to shut off the sound once up to speed giving it the ability to produce different tones.



Hand Operated Siren

Details / Descriptions:

The Hand Operated Siren or Manual Siren is designed to provide effective warning in applications where there is no power supply such as camp sites, civil defense, mountain rescue and coast guard warning.

Powered by rotating the handle, this siren has a plate to shut off the sound once up to speed giving it the ability to produce three different tones.


  • Can be mounted on flat surface and on the wall Sound Rating: 120±2dB(A) @1M
  • Output Frequency: 600±20Hz (Dependent on Rotation Speed)
  • Sound range: 1500M
  • No power supply required
  • Powerful low frequency sound
  • Universally recognized signal
  • Shutter mechanism to provide a choice of signals: continuous and warble


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