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Clean Agent Automatic Fire Extinguisher Halotron Type


Automatic type Fire Extinguisher is designed to be operate automatically. The unit is a stored pressure type with a mixture of Halotron HCFC & Dry Nitrogen as soon as fire reaches the specified temperature under it the glass bulb shatters allowing the content to be released as a mist to cover a wide area. This automatic type modular with sprinkler head, working temperature 68°C, suitable for A, B, C & E class fires.



Clean Agent Automatic
Fire Extinguisher Halotron Type

Details / Descriptions:

Extinguishing agents / contents HCFC
Capacity (Kg.) 06
Automatic activation temperature (Centigrade) 68 °C
Test Pressure (bar) 30
Super charge Pressure (bar) 15
Discharge time (sec) 12s
Body Steel welded fabricated construction
Neck ring Seamless pipe external thread
Lacking ring Machined brass stamping nickel plated
Cap Machined brass stamping nickel plated
Valve Machine brass stamping nickel plated and valve incorporating pressure gauge and steel liver.
Internal finishing Anti corrosive & zinc / phosphate coating 15 microns
External finishing Anti—corrosive & zinc / phosphate coating 15 microns and fire red powder coating.

Key Features:

Blot fire puts out the fire, before you get an alert. Automatic type Fire Extinguisher does not release masses of extinguishing agent, but sufficiently designed quantity, directly at the source of fire and requires less quantity. Fire detection does not need any external energy. This makes it cost effective as electric installation / wiring is required. Always operative even during energy break down. No malfunction possible and no false alarms.


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