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AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball


Weight: 1.3 KG
Shape: Sphere
Weight of the Agent: 4.0 g
Extinguishing Agent: Dry Chemical Powder
Life Span: 5 Years
Diameter: 147 mm
Activation Time: 3-5 seconds
Frequency of Alarm Sound: 120 dB
Coverage Area: 8-10 m2

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AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball

AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is an automatic fire extinguisher. It is the most developed item in the fire business to reduce the damages caused by fire disasters. Auto Fire Ball Extinguisher puts out the fire by itself, guarding lives and property. It is one of the simplest and quickest ways to knock out the fire. An Auto Fire Ball Extinguisher is very reliable and durable. AFO Fireball price low compared to other fire extinguishers and it does not require any maintenance and servicing and save the maintenance cost of the end-user.

Fire Extinguisher Ball is lightweight and versatile which could smother the fire. When an Auto Fire Extinguisher is thrown over the fire. It will rapture automatically and extinguishes the fire instantly. ABC Dry Chemical Powder is used as an extinguishing agent in the Auto Fire Ball Extinguisher.


Weighing at 1.3 Kg Approx, it is suitable for anyone, Women, Children, and Elderly people.

Quick Response:
A fire extinguishing ball gives a quick and efficient response to suppress the fire. We just have to throw the ball on the fire and it can activate in just 3 seconds to extinguish the fire.

When the fire breaks out it can efficiently trigger the fire. We just have to throw the ball and it will automatically activate.

There is no need to come close to the fire. You just have to throw the ball from a distant place.

When the ball explodes, the built-in alarm goes off releasing an approximately 138-decibel noise.

We can use the Auto Fire Ball in many different places including:

  1. Hospitals and Health Care Centers
  2. Hotels and Restaurants
  3. Educational Institutes
  4. CNG / Petrol Pumps
  5. Wedding Hall
  6. Railway & Bus Stations.
  7. Computer Server Rooms
  8. Electrical Panels
  9. Airports Terminal
  10. Manufacturing Factories / Textile


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