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Positive Material Identification

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Positive Material Identification

Nondestructive Metallurgy Technique
Hasan Inspection & Testing Service, offers PMI Inspections for your weld project. Positive Material Identification (PMI) refers to the testing of materials to understand the chemical composition of a metal or alloy. This information ensures that the correct metal is being used in systems where conditions are extreme such as corrosion, temperature and high pressure.

HITS, recommends PMI at every step from warehouse to installation. Materials mix-up can happen at any stage of the process so in order to have 100% PMI Protocol we recommend material verification at every point.

Positive Material Identification uses the XRF Principle tool. This is a hand-held x-ray fluorescence analyzer that provides accurate and highly repeatable sample analysis. This tool minimizes the need for laboratory analysis. XRF can considerably increase mill productivity. Results are available instantly and can be digitally transferred to a PC. This makes sure that valuable time is spent on solutions.

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