Pipeline Integrity Services

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Pipeline Integrity Services

HITS provides Pipeline Integrity Services Inspection in Pakistan, Turkey, Jordan, Poland, Dubai – UAE, Sudan, and the MENA region.

Piping systems used in the process and other similar sectors are subject to constant pressure and crunches under the conditions of normal use and handling.

These types of operating conditions can cause leaks or spills that may have various critical impacts on plant operators, including the interruption of regular operations, repair, and clean-up charges, and possible fines connected to environmental pollution.

API 570 applies to piping systems that involve process fluids, hydrocarbons, chemical products, natural gas, high-pressure gasses, and other flammable or toxic fluids.

Some piping systems such as fluid services operating below a certain threshold or fluid services involving water are optional in regards to API 570 requirements.

Furthermore, fitness-for-service assessments and risk-based inspection are accepted methods under API 570 for evaluating on-stream piping systems and pressure-containing components.

HITS provides an extensive Pipeline Inspection program for plant operators to detect potential risks, thereby ensuring continuing operations and increased productivity.

Major Benefits

At HITS, we have an expert panel of API – 570 certified and NDT inspectors to ensure piping safety by assessing explosions potential risks; determining precautionary measures appropriately; and by adhering to various complex requirements with expert advice and support. These technical experts examine all vital areas to assure running our clients’ sites without bothering of non-compliance.

Incorporates The Following Aspects

  1. PAUT Scanner
  2. Remaining Life Assessment
  3. Risk Assessment and Analysis
  4. Pressure Safety Valves Calibration
  5. Commissioning and In-Service Inspections
  6. Coating Inspection and Failure Analysis
  7. Corrosion Monitoring
  8. Inspection and Technical Assistance during Turnarounds
  9. Failure Analysis and Failure Prevention
  10. Mechanical Integrity Management System
  11. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  12. Pressure Equipment Certification
  13. Witnessing of Hydrostatic Testing
  14. Instrumentation Calibration and Maintenance

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