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Hasan Inspection & Testing Service is Pakistan’s best Warehouse Pallet Racks Inspection company.

Your storage facility is always subject to accidents if you are using material handling equipment in it. Damages to the heavy load-bearing structures can be deadly if not noticed and attended diligently.

Storage racks of any brand and quality are prone to damage if an MHE is misused.

Pallet Rack Safety Inspections

Conducting periodic Rack Safety inspections is not only a good work practice but also a prevention of many life-taking disasters.

It helps you promptly identify any unnoticed damages to the structure or an incorrectly loaded pallet or installed beam and correct them before they trigger a total structural failure.

We undertake pallet rack inspection following the SEMA code of practices and safety guidelines, identify an incorrect installation or an unnoticed MHE damage, classify the damages into different categories provide a detailed report on the damages and suggest corrective actions.

We have completed Rack Safety inspections successfully in several warehouses in Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Lahore, Faisalabad & Islamabad.

HITS Carry Out SEMA Inspections on

  • All makes of pallet racking
  • Industrial shelving system

Your SEMA Racking Inspection Will Include

  • A detailed health report on your pallet racking or shelving system
  • Report carried out in line with latest SEMA Codes of Practice
  • Clarification of all damages
  • Recommendations and observations of your warehouse operation about storage and good working practices