Oil Analysis

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Oil Analysis

We have advanced modern instruments and equipment managed by skilled and trained professionals. Our testing covers various substances like lubricants, fuels, industrial chemicals, etc. All tests follow ASTM, ISO, IEC, IP, and internal standards.

All tests in our Laboratory are performed according to ASTM, ISO, IEC, IP, and internal standards.

Get your machinery lubrication oil analyzed to significantly increase performance and reliability

  • Comprehensive machinery lubrication oil analysis.
  • Corporate technical support to offer expert advice and troubleshooting.
  • ICML-certified lubrication consultant to visit regularly.
  • A complete reliable range of Oil testing equipment.
  • Training and certification of Machinery Lubrication Analyst
  • Complete Testing of Transformer Oil and other Oils Testing.

Lubricants Condition Analysis

Changes in chemical and physical properties, such as lubricant breakdown and additive depletion.

  1. Lubricants Oil
  2. Turbines Oil
  3. Transformer Oil

Contamination Analysis

Analysis of substance for the system, both quantitative and qualitative.

Machine Condition Wear Debris Analysis

Assessing machinery condition by examining wear-generated particles.

Lubricating Oil

Reduction in operating costs and power losses can be achieved through effective condition monitoring of lubricating oils.

Our oil analysis condition monitoring report will assist our valued customers in reducing costs, downtime, and repairs by identifying emerging issues before they escalate.

Additionally, this report aids customers in assessing the lubricant’s appropriateness for ongoing use.

Lubrication Audit Scope

A Lubrication Audit checks for unreliable equipment possibly caused by a deficient lubrication program. It assesses current practices against industry standards, documenting findings and recommendations for guidance.

This includes practices from storage and dispensing to machine application, as well as contamination control, staff awareness, oil analysis procedures (sampling, testing, and feedback response).

The audit also examines lubrication maintenance costs and identifies both immediate and long-term improvement prospects.

Fuel Analysis

We use various fuels like furnace oil, petrol, and diesel that meet quality standards set by regulatory bodies such as ASTM, ISO, and IP.

Our in-house proficiency and analysis capabilities position us as a premier fuel testing service for diagnosing problems and identifying trace contaminants.

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