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Long Range Ultrasonic Testing

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Long Range Ultrasonic Testing

Advanced Nondestructive Testing (LRUT Services)

Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT) also known as Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing is an Ultrasonic method wherein ultrasonic waves are transmitted along the pipe wall (guiding walls) up to 180 meters in length.

GW LRUT is a rapid screening test method for integrity assessment of pipelines, non-peggable buried, encased piping, vertical or inaccessible piping (e.g. overhead pipe racks), or epoxy-coated pipelines to locate areas of potential degradation or engineering concerns and gross discontinuities for targeted assessment and inspection.

While conventional NDT test methods provide localized inspection, underneath or in the vicinity of the sensors, LRUT can test 100% circumferential wall over tens of meters of the pipe length from the single inspection (contact point) location.

Guided Wave - LRUT Services

GW LRUT is used to inspect 100% of pipe circumference along the pipe length from a single location.

Low frequency (15-85kHz) torsional or longitudinal guided waves are generated into the pipe body (360 degrees all around the pipe circumference) on both sides of the transducer assembly collar.

These ultrasonic waves propagate in the axial direction of the pipe until the entire energy is attenuated or dissipated.