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Lifting Equipment Inspection

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Lifting Equipment & Accessories Inspection

Lifting Equipment Inspection

Hasan Inspection & Testing Service, have qualified and competent LEEA Certified Inspectors and NDT Level I, II, III Inspectors having rich work experience for Lifting Equipment Inspection and NDT Service as per the ASME / BS / LEEA Standards Guidelines requirements.

We are fastest growing market leader in Lifting Equipment Inspection service provider in Pakistan. We provide services in Lifting Equipment Inspection, Mobile Cranes Inspection, Overhead Crane Inspection, Chain Hoist Inspection, Warehouse Pallet Racks Inspection, Truck Mounted Crane Inspection, Forklift Inspection, Hand Pallet Inspection, Reach Truck Inspection, Stackers Inspection, Cargo Lift Inspection, Elevators Inspection, Escalator Inspection and also conduct Riggers, Fire Fighting, Mobile Crane and Forklift Safe Operation Work Training / Awareness Session.

All lifting equipment inspection companies in Pakistan require the services of trained and certified inspectors.

Pursuing a career to offer lifting equipment inspection services offers a number of advantages, but to maximize on your chosen option, it is vital for you to attain proper training and that is what the team at HITS is here to help you out with.

Inspection, Testing & Certification

Any Industry We Serve

In any industry dealing extensive Lifting Equipment Inspection and maintenance of lifting equipment and accessories is essential to make sure all the parts remain safe for use during a lifting operation.

It helps to locate any deterioration so that it can be improved when required-so all lifting equipment needs to be tested and thoroughly examined.

Such inspections and examinations for the maintenance purposes need to be undertaken by a trained and competent person. Lifting accessories do not always need a thorough or formal inspection, but it is good to examine them as well.

Lifting Accessories & Gears

We provides all types of Lifting Accessories and Gears Inspection including Shackles, Wire Rope Slings, Chain Slings, Chain Blocks, Hydraulic Jack, Lever Hoists, Safety Harness, Eye Bolts, Beam Clamps and Trolleys Plate Clamps and Magnets.

Apart from providing a wide range of lifting equipment, they also have a division concerned with third party inspection services in Pakistan, where all equipment are thoroughly inspected and examined as per the regulations stated by the LOLER.

Strictly We Follow Standard

To supplement thorough examination on any item of Lifting Equipment and Lifting Accessories, we provide the most comprehensive NDT methods available as may be required. Our inspection teams are multi skilled and are certified ASNT Level II according to SNT-TC-1A in different NDT methods such as MT, PT, VT, and UT.

We follow strict codes of practice recommended by the association and in accordance with international standards and regional statutory requirements. We never compromise our Lifting Equipment Inspection Quality Standard.

Cranes and Hoist

Telescopic Crane

Mobile Cranes

Truck Mounted Crane

Tower Crane

Rough Terrain Crane

Overhead Crane

Loader Crane

Gantry Crane

Chain Hoist

Chain Blocks

Jib Crane

Crawler Crane

Cradle Machine

Lifting Accessories and Gears

Chain Slings



Round Slings



Webbing Slings

Wire Rope Slings

Passenger and Goods Lift

Cargo Lift

Passenger Lift


Material Handling Equipments


Hand Pallet Truck

Reach Truck


Order Picker

Walkie Stacker



Side Loader

Counterbalance Forklift


The “Spider”

Articulated Boom Lifts

Telescopic Boom Lifts

Scissor Lift

Portable Scaffolding

Man Basket

Aerial Lift

Construction Equipments

Backhoe Loader




Piling Machine

Drilling Rig

Dumper Truck

Lifting Tower Machine

HITS Solutions


Industries We Serve

Drilling Equipment Inspection

Our structural engineers specialize in structural assessments, structural forensic analysis, and structural retrofits.


Flexible Solutions

Our team of nondestructive testing technicians and certified weld inspectors are available to provide you with the necessary support during your construction projects.

NDT Testing

HITS, specializes in a variety of Automotive Testing services, and is able to meet your needs no matter where you are located.


Flexible Solutions

We offers a complete array of automotive testing services ranging from chemical analysis, to mechanical, nondestructive and environmental testing.

Calibration Service

HITS, has a broad range of analytical capabilities to meet the needs of the specialty chemicals producers such as, agricultural or textile chemicals, industrial gases, petrochemicals, plastics, polymers or carbon fibers.


Flexible Solutions

The “We take a closer look” philosophy reinforces our commitment to providing you with accurate and timely results to meet your testing and inspection needs.

Oil and Gas
NDT Services

Whether you need qualification of your welders or Nondestructive Inspection of your pipeline, HITS can help.

Oil and gas

Flexible Solutions

Give us a call and we’ll show you why so many companies trust us for their pipeline inspections.

NDT Services

In the highly specialized and demanding environment of power generation, HITS materials testing, nondestructive inspection, engineering consulting and failure analysis services lead the way with unsurpassed quality.

Our power generation service begins with a commitment to quality and reliability in an overall effort to improve productivity and reduce outage downtime.

Power Generation

Flexible Solutions

As leaders in the nondestructive testing and inspections industry, our experience allows us to provide our clients the highest level of project management.

Third Party Inspection

Reliability of your assets is essential to remain competitive in today’s economic climate, Because HITS reliability services translate into improved safety, product quality, productivity and efficiency.

Unplanned downtime of equipment costs industry millions of rupees in process and service interruptions each day.

HITS reliability services will help you develop and sustain a comprehensive reliability program and to prevent failure from occurring.


Flexible Solutions

HITS, reliability services can significantly reduce costs by minimizing production interruptions, service losses and eliminating unnecessary repairs.