Lifting Equipment Inspection

Lifting Equipment & Accessories

Lifting Equipment Inspection
  • Truck Mounted Crane
  • Overhead Crane
  • Hydraulic Crane
  • Mechanical Crane
  • Crawler Crane
  • Overhead Crane
  • Gantry Crane
  • Tower Crane
  • Jib Crane
  • Overhead Hoist
  • Elevator Lift
  • Cargo Lift
  • Escalator
  • Forklifter
  • Hand Pallet Truck
  • Reach Truck
  • Scissor Lift
  • Telescopic Handler
  • Construction Equipment
  • Cradle Machine

Lifting Accessories Inspection
  • Chain Lever Hoist
  • Wire Lever Hoist
  • Chain Hoist
  • Wire Rope Slings
  • Webbing Slings
  • Shackles
  • Hydraulic Jack
  • Mechanical Jack
  • Eye Bolts
  • Hooks
  • Safety Clamps
  • Chain Slings
  • Safety Harness
  • Textile Slings etc…

Hasan Inspection & Testing Service, have qualified and competent LEEA Certified Inspectors and NDT Level I, II, III Inspectors having rich work experience for Lifting Equipment Inspection and NDT Service as per the ASME / BS / LEEA Standards Guidelines requirements.

We are fastest growing market leader in Lifting Equipment Inspection Service provider in Pakistan. We provide services in Lifting Equipment Inspection, Mobile Cranes Inspection, Overhead Crane / Hoist Inspection, Warehouse Racks Inspection, Truck Mounted Crane Inspection, Forklift Inspection, Hand Pallet Trolley Inspection, Reach Truck Inspection, Stalkers Inspection, Cargo Lift Inspection, Elevators Inspection, Escalator Inspection and also conduct Riggers, Fire Fighting, Mobile Crane / Forklift Safe Operation Training / Awareness Session.

Lifting Accessories / Gears Inspection

In any industry dealing extensive Lifting Equipment Inspection and maintenance of lifting equipment and accessories is essential to make sure all the parts remain safe for use during a lifting operation. It helps to locate any deterioration so that it can be improved when required-so all lifting equipment needs to be tested and thoroughly examined.

Such inspections and examinations for the maintenance purposes need to be undertaken by a trained and competent person. Lifting accessories do not always need a thorough or formal inspection, but it is good to examine them as well.

We provides all types of Lifting Accessories and Gears Inspection including Shackles, Wire Rope Slings, Chain Slings, Chain Blocks, Hydraulic Jack, Lever Hoists, Safety Harness, Eye Bolts, Beam Clamps and Trolleys Plate Clamps and Magnets.

Apart from providing a wide range of lifting equipment, they also have a division concerned with third party inspection services in Pakistan, where all equipment are thoroughly inspected and examined as per the regulations stated by the LOLER.

To supplement thorough examination on any item of Lifting Equipment and Lifting Accessories, we provide the most comprehensive NDT methods available as may be required. Our inspection teams are multi skilled and are certified ASNT Level II according to SNT-TC-1A in different NDT methods such as MT, PT, VT, and UT.

We follow strict codes of practice recommended by the association and in accordance with international standards and regional statutory requirements. We never compromise our Lifting Equipment Inspection Quality Standard.