Laser Alignment

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Laser Alignment

HITS offers Laser Alignment and precise measurement services for fan blowers, bearing alignments, gear alignment, shaft alignment, motor alignment, and more. Our field service engineers employ cutting-edge equipment for fast, accurate, and precise measurements.

Misalignment, often leading to excessive vibration, can result in severe consequences such as costly unscheduled downtime, production loss, heightened energy consumption, overheating, vibrations, premature wear and tear, and increased maintenance or replacement expenses. With our dedication to excellence and advanced capabilities, HITS stands as your reliable precision service ally.

Why Laser Alignment?

-> Increase machine life by:

  • Reduce cyclic fatigue on machine components
  • Reduce heat from preloading and friction
  • Lower vibration and noise levels

-> Minimize shaft bending

-> Life is extended dramatically with a slight alignment improvement!

-> Aligning machinery to acceptable tolerances:

  • Increases bearing life
  • Increases seal life
  • Increases coupling life

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