Infrared Thermography

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Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography is the sole diagnostic technology that enables instant visualization and confirmation of thermal performance.

Almost everything powered or transmitting power heats up before malfunctioning. Efficient power management is essential for preserving the dependability of your electrical and mechanical systems. HITS offers precise infrared testing and inspection services for detecting and reporting potential risks and expenses. Our proficiency in infrared testing and thermography services has garnered acclaim from facility managers, experts, and businesses of all sizes in various industrial sectors nationwide.

Prevent Downtime with Infrared Thermography Testing

HITS Infrared Inspection program reveals thermal issues, measures them accurately with non-contact temperature assessments, and records them in a detailed report.

Detecting and rectifying electrical or mechanical faults preemptively can prevent substantial expenses linked to manufacturing downtime, production losses, power outages, fires, and major failures.

Why Use Infrared Thermography

  1. Non-Contact
  2. 2-Dimensional
  3. Real-Time Analysis
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Document and Trend

Infrared Thermography Application

Electrical Inspections

  1. High & Low Voltage Electrical Systems
  2. Switchyards
  3. MCC and PCC Panels

Mechanical Inspections

  1. Turbines
  2. Motors
  3. Gearboxes
  4. Pumps
  5. Blowers
  6. Steam Traps
  7. Valves

Building Inspection

Insulation Inspections

  1. HVAC Ducts
  2. Kiln Refractory inspection
  3. Refractory Insulation inspection

Process & Quality Control

  1. Search and Rescue

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