Field Balancing

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Field Balancing

Field balancing allows rotating equipment to be balanced without needing to dismantle the machine to repair the out-of-balance part. Dynamic balancing is essential for a wide range of commercial and industrial equipment since most rotors eventually become unbalanced due to various factors.

Throughout the operation of machines and systems, new imbalances can occur due to dirt buildup, minor damages, and wear. Operational factors contributing to unbalance include rotor fouling from dirt accumulation, rotor deformation from uneven heating or shaft damage, and material loss from friction, among others.

Rotor unbalance refers to the uneven mass distribution around a rotation axis. When the center of mass (inertia axis) of a rotating mass or rotor does not align with the center of rotation (geometric axis), it is considered out of balance. Unbalance causes the rotation axis to deviate from the center.

Cause Of Imbalance Are

  1. Eccentric components
  2. Incorrect Assembly
  3. Voids in castings
  4. Wear & corrosion
  5. Thermal distortion
  6. Foreign matter deposition
  7. Structural damage
  8. Loose parts

By using Field Balancing techniques like Graphic Vector Method, balancing with a Strobe and Influence Coefficient Method, we can decrease operating expenses.

  1. By energy savings from reduced power consumption
  2. By prolonging life of bearings and other components
  3. By maintenance savings in spare parts and Laboure
  4. By increasing product quality and by decreasing downtime

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