Condition Monitoring

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Condition Monitoring

Improve your plant maintenance by implementing cutting-edge Condition Monitoring techniques with HITS. Industrial stability hinges on maximizing machinery uptime to achieve production goals.

NELTAK specialists assist in analyzing equipment health during operation to comprehend and plan maintenance procedures accordingly. Condition Monitoring takes a step further in guaranteeing equipment reliability by promptly diagnosing critical parameters of problematic machinery.

Condition Monitoring Techniques

HITS provides complete plant integrity assessment solution via implementing following technologies:

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Vibration Diagnostics
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Ultrasonic Acoustic Emission Testing
  • Field Balancing and Laser Alignment

Vibration Analysis

Over time, vibration monitoring and trending have developed as a significant aspect of condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. Each rotating and reciprocating machine is assessed for its initial acceptable vibration thresholds when first put into operation, and then tracked based on deviations calculated during scheduled vibration data collection and monitoring.

Plant maintenance practices transition from preventive to proactive by promptly dealing with vibration diagnostics, thereby ensuring dependable operation.

Vibration Diagnostics

With state-of-the-art vibration analyzers and internationally trained professionals, HITS assists in identifying the major issues concerning industrial machinery:

  1. Structural looseness
  2. Rotating looseness
  3. Resonance
  4. Unbalance
  5. Pump cavitation
  6. Misalignment
  7. Faults Soft Footing
  8. Flow turbulence

Infrared Thermography

Asset health assessment is carried out by analyzing temperature data using a variety of top-quality infrared thermal imaging cameras. Changes in body temperature are monitored through non-contact thermal imaging, generating a detailed plot of the image captured with a clear temperature scale. Industrial applications of IRT include:

  1. Transformers
  2. Heat ducts
  3. Motors
  4. Electrical Panels
  5. Wall seepages
  6. Circuit breakers

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