Calibration Services

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Calibration Services

HITS offers consulting services to enhance quality assurance and quality control of products through Calibration Services, standardization, testing, process validation, and evaluation of engineering products.

HITS also has the ability to assist steel industries in selecting and providing services for quality control tools and equipment such as: quality control.

  1. Emission Spectrometer
  2. Tensile Testing Machine
  3. Bending Machine
  4. Hardness Tester and Impact Tester
  5. Temperature Gauge
  6. Pressure Gauge
  7. Gauge Block
  8. Balances and most other testing and measuring tools

Our services extend beyond calibration, material testing, and evaluation. We also provide technical support for addressing shop floor issues, offering remedies to maintain seamless mill/plant operation.

Electrical Instruments

Our labs feature advanced electrical measuring tools, and our skilled technicians calibrate electrical instruments with precision.

Mechanical Instrument Calibration

Our mechanical calibration services cover a range of metrology disciplines including Length, Force, Mass, Torque, Vibration, Pressure, and Viscosity. The lab works in a temperature-controlled environment to maintain the thermal stability of the reference standards and tested instruments.

Pressure Calibration

The temperature calibration laboratory provides independent calibration services for temperature probes, thermocouples, loggers, RTD probes, infra-red meters, IR thermometers, thermal imaging cameras, thermistors, glass thermometers, transmitters, dry block calibrators, liquid baths, temperature controllers, and displays.

Laboratory Equipment

Instruments calibrated at our laboratories or on-site include laboratory equipment.

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